So recently I placed my Schecter Hellraiser V-1 on craigslist and a guy emailed me tonight offering me a trade. I used to be a Schecter man, but more recently I have been liking my ltds a lot more. Any how I have a 2009 Hellraiser v-1 in white with the OHSC. 750 plus 150 for the case. He is offering me an LTD viper 400 with a padded gig bag. I know they are less in cost, plus it doesn't come with a HSC, but what do you think about this deal... ???? If I asked him to throw in some cash how much should I ask?
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IMO I would not go for that deal even with the cash, unless if you play the viper 400 and you fall in love with it.
well i wouldnt... just because the price difference. im not into those metal guitars anyways.
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Hell, if your considering that deal how about I offer you my Viper-50 with bag,strap, a piece of gum and $100 bucks for the Schecter.
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Man, I could go for a 7 right now...
Sell the Schecter and buy a better ESP.
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