my dad's brother asked for a thousands dollars, we don't have it so my dads get the money out of the credit card with interest. We still haven't been payed back a penny, hes asking again. the brother wants money but doesn't want a job and feels he shouldn't have to do a lifting job, I told my dad beggars can't be choosers, hes living off of his gf. he is repeatedly calling my dad and I feel I have to step in and basically tell him off. our family currently is hand to mouth, very little money for fun. is it right to say something to someone older, I mean hes bugging like crazy now and he won't tell us the reason he needs the money and we know hes jobless
Yes. He should pay you back, or stop being a prick.
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He's borrowed one thousand dollars from your family and wants more, he won't get anything until he pays you guys back. Start paying off that credit card bill too, I doubt he'd pay you back anyway.
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Yes. He should pay you back, or stop being a prick.

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Sounds like your uncle is a douche, it's pretty common. That's ****ty and yes he should pay it back. If he doesn't then TS, you should deliver the "package" to his "backdoor". Take that as you want it

EDIT: Just tell him to get a job and make him pay you guys X ammount of $ per month.


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In my opinion, its one thing to borrow money from a relative, if you're in a situation where they have it and you don't, as long as you either: A. desperately need it; or B. plan on paying it back from money that you make at a later time. But to just freeload off of a family member is totally wrong, particularly if your financial stability is at risk. If you don't work, you don't eat. If he's not willing to work, then he doesn't eat. You're absolutely right; beggars can't be choosers. With that said, it may not be your place to tell him off. Maybe you should talk to your family about it. If your father is the one thats loaning the money, it would probably be best for him to talk to your uncle about it.
Unless he's working his ass off every day looking for a job, of course he should pay you back.
Kill him and collect life insurance.

He's a dick, you shouldn't "borrow" money if you have no intention of paying it off. Especially if he refuses to get a job and is living off of other people's generosity.
I suspect he has a drug problem. Either way, its the idiots responsibility to get a job, you shouldn't give him any more.
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yes he should pay u back, and yes u should tell him off even tho hes older than u, if he cant even get a job then hes clearly to immature to have any authority over u no matter how old he is
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