I have an old japanese Aria semi-hollow body, electric, from the late 60's which I really love. But the machine heads are really worn out.

They're 3 on a plate style with 1 & 3/8th inches between the post and the post are about 3/16th of an inch (about 4.75 millimeters) in diameter. From the center of one screw hole to the next is about 1 & 7/32nd inches These are pretty standard dimensions I believe.

I would like the same oval shaped chrome style. I've had trouble finding a typically reliable brand such as Gotoh or Grover. I did find these, http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Kluson-KR3-Keystone-Tuning-Machines-3-On-a-Rail?sku=300222 and believe the following link might be the same thing but cheaper, http://www.elderly.com/accessories/items/WD90NPM.htm However I read some bad reviews on Kluson. Are there any suggestions for a good brand of 3 on a plate tuners? And where can I buy them?

If no one knows of any 3 on a plate brands does any know if they can just be changed out for regular 3 per side (not on a plate) machine heads such as these http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Kluson-K33-Keystone-Tuning-Machines-3-PerSide?sku=300221 ? Would the screw holes match up? I would like to avoid drilling into the head stock any as the last owner tried, very unsuccessfully, to do so.
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