I've been kind of lazy and have not been learning many new songs these days so i need to get back into it but i don't have any ideas. I like learning songs with clean intros(under the bridge, creed - one last breathe, knockin on heavens door/paradise city - guns n roses, 18 and life, always with me - satriani (rhythm only) etc etc) and then anything after that, but feel free to recommend anything from the rock/metal/alternative genres.

I've been playing a year and can play the songs mentioned above pretty well, they were challenging to learn initially which is what i like. Nothing too virtuoso though! Haha, thanks in advance.
Learn "Iron" by Ensiferum, i dont know if its too hard for u but w/e...i tried haha.
Quote by Shredd3r
Learn "Iron" by Ensiferum, i dont know if its too hard for u but w/e...i tried haha.

that song ruled when i saw them live. learn something by necrophagist lol.
Under the Influence - Rusty Cooley
Old School - Rob Marcello
Perpetual Burn - Jason Becker
Far Beyond the Sun - Yngwie J. Malmsteen
Scarified - Racer X
Viking Kong - Racer X
Technical Difficulties - Racer X.

These are not core/death/gay songs. Check em out.
eruption-van halen

once u get it down it is not difficult but it is challenging at first. just take it peice by piece.

*also, i find that "challenging" doesnt always mean the fastest shredding songs u can find. some rhythm heavy songs are difficult as your picking becomes ever more important. try "Love of my life-queen". the fingerings are not too difficult but it will let you experience a challenging finger pickin track!
Lateralus - Tool

might have some funky timing but its not that hard.
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