I have found that I prefer 50's style maple-boarded necks in both Bass and Guitar necks, and I am wondering why.

Part of the appeal I have discovered, is the "coating" on the neck. Does anyone know exactly what that is? I ask, because I am thinking about building a custom bass, and could save a lot of money if I just need to coat a neck as opposed to buying a coated one. Thanks.
50's maple Precision necks once they went Strat style had a 1.75" nut width (and remained that way into the 60s), so that may have something to do with it.

All Fender necks used to be all maple when they started. The "coating" is just the same finish that's on the back of the neck - maple gets ugly when it's unfinished.

The finish they used to use was the old-style nitro that used to dry up and flake off really easily, so the fingerboards got ugly anyway. So in the 60s they started using rosewood, which did not need to be finished, and was darker as to hide wear and tear. That's the truth.
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