hey yeah i've been playin a while but i just started really getting into metal and such and well i wanna learn how to play metalcore. any help would be great. so far all i've seen is that every one says that all the metalcore bands sound the same (which is true) but can anyone be more specific? i need a place where to start plz and thank u!
look up metalcore bands, find their tabs here, analyze.

But practice rhythm for breakdowns and you'll be quite far on your way
thats what i heard. a lot of ppl say that it works well around 578 on A&D strings. which is true. but again i feel like i need a scale or something to work with am i wrong? as for the whole breakdowns (sorry dont hate me but explain that to me) anyway i can understand the whole taking other ppls songs apart i think i can do that. i guess what im looking for is a basic scale or riff of some kind but again am i wrong?
A scale won't make you sound metalcore. However, a common tuning for metalcore is drop C so you will likely find that C minor is used quite a bit. Learning metalcore songs is the way to go but using a pedal note in you riffs is very common, and of course look at breakdowns. There isn't a definite way to go about a breakdown, but try playing them half time (I think that's the correct term)
ok thank you i will look up some people. i need some bands any suggestions? i have arsis. and at the gate. any other suggestions?
Youtube is a great tool for finding all sorts of -core.

Just type in metalcore, and then listen to all different songs in Related Video's

I believe Protest the Hero, Bring me the Horizon, are some sort of metalcore, and Sonic Syndicate uses breakdowns but just check out youtube. Theres tons of it.
Killswitch engage, Misery Signals, The Black Dahlia Murder, Born of Osiris, Veil Of Maya,

(Last two fall more into the deathcore category, but IMO it's just watering down bands in similar genres so check them out anyway)

If you myspace them you'll find other similar bands in their friends list. You will find that there are lots of metalcore bands that do sound very similar, i think probably because it's a popular genre right now.
ok thats good info thank u. well anyway so yeah i find that the alternate picking technique is used alot. also alot of the whole crazy hammer tremelos and such. i have pinch harmonics down but also heres the thing. i will learn some songs from the bands named above but what i wanna do is get better at ear learning. my friend is the one that told me that all metalcore is the same. but is there a basic principle. like i kno that if i learn a couple of songs i'll see the patter but is there a basic outline that the songs follow (not the whole intro.verse.chorus,verse.chorus.breakdown. chorus thing) but like i notice that a lot of ppl who post videos on youtube use the 5-7-8 on the D&A string as a base for the song. and then they'll use different octaves and such (dont explain octaves i know nothing about them lol) but yeah. can anyone explain that?
I really don't know much about music theory, but I can say that All That Remains are beasts when it comes to it. There is a video on Youtube of their lead guitarist talking about some scales he uses and giving a tutorial on how to play one of his ridiculous solos. Pretty sure he uses the 'Hungarian Minor' scale for a lot of his riffs and especially in his solos, which is the first I had ever heard of the scale but hey, it sounds good.
well yeah. ok so all this is a great start for me. i have an off topic question. i play in a band for cultural purposes. (family tradition kinda thing. we get together and play mexican music for school and such) well anyway cuz its that type of music there are never tabs so the other guitarists and i always have to learn by ear. chords progressions are easy to learn but i've always read tabs to learn songs. i would like to start being able to learn the songs i like by ear. so heres my question. what is a good practice for me to start. i believe that if i can find a tuning of a band i can learn the song. but a lot of bands tune differently or use different tuning per song. can anyone tell me how to tell what key a song is in for starters? then a tip for tabbing out a solo or riffs?
To start with I'd transcribe a song I could find a tab for. Then you've got the tuning to start you off. Then it's a case of just trying things out I guess. It would help if you had a well trained ear so you could distinguish intervals used, however the more you transcribe the better you'll get.