currently i have a crate v50 112 completely stock about 1 year old. i am very happy with the cleans. but not so much the od channel.

I am looking to buy a new speaker since ive heard (havent tryed to many aftermarket speakers) that the stock one is crap. I was looking into the eminence patriot series and what caught my eye was the texas heat. Basically i play about 50% blues (srv, hendrix) 10% modern punk (Blink 182), and about 40% alternative rock (early smashing pumpkins ie cherub rock, today and soma). would this speaker be able to handle those genres from first hand experience? I know i cant exactly go try out the speaker in terms with my amp so its kind of hard to choose. any recommendations around the 100$ price range would be helpful too. All in all im mostly looking to keep the good clean sound but remove the muddiness and huge low end from the od channel.

Second question is that sometimes there is this semi high pitched ringing in the background of my playing that goes on and off. Ive heard tubes can go microphonic but ive also heard that its crazy and is almost an out of control sound when it does. Im not entirely sure what it could be. it also seems to stop when i unplug the guitar cable and then plug it back in. happens with all of my guitars though and all of my cables. Also when i first flick it on it is pretty noisey so im assuming its time for a tube change but the noise goes away after about 2 minutes or so.

New speaker around 100$ price range 12" for blues, alternative and punk
High pitched ringing on and off, could it be microphonic tubes?

ps. sorry for the long winded questions.