Hey guys! I've attempted to change my guitar strings on both my acoustic and electric and each time I did it, the tuning knobs are always so tight! It's hard to tune it and it gets me all paranoid that the string is gonna snap at my eye. Can someone tell me what I should do to avoid it? Thank you very much!
it will loosen up
it's great thing that they are tight btw, the strings won't de-tune so much.
have you changed the strings before?

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yea i've changed the strings before..the first time i did it, it was nicely tuned but it was REALLY hard to turn the knobs every time i have to retune it. i asked someone to change the strings, and it was nicely tuned and the knobs weren't tight at all. I don't know how to get it that way!
Did you wind the strings the wrong direction, making them pull through the nut at a bad angle?