I know you lot tend to have hybird amps but whatever.
I have an AVT150H (which I'm fairly happy with) but for the sake of band practises/room in the car (since our van won't start) I am trying to find smaller alternatives to a 4x12 cabinet.
I have a 4 ohm marshall speaker (basically it used to be a combo but I took the head unit out so I could just use the speaker+it was broke)
If I want to use this speaker with my head which outlet do I use from the head, there is a choise of 8ohm or 4/8ohm. I think I'd use the 8 ohm one but I'm not sure?
Am i Right in thinking if the speaker is 4 ohm I use the 8ohm output?

sorry for terrible asking silly questions
For the record this is just for the time being until the van is fixed. I just don't want to break my amp head
I was wrong I looked on wikipedia. Apparently the impedence of the cab must not be less than that of the amp. So i could use the 4/8ohm output with a 4 ohm speaker...i think

effectively I'm talking to myself because no-one's replied
If you want to use the 4 ohm output....Use a 4 ohm speaker....

If you want to use the 8 ohm output....use an 8 ohm speaker.

You can technically use a 4 ohm output with an 8 ohm speaker, but I don't recommend it. That 1-to-2 mismatch is usable, but not wise.

And about replies, FFS, your topic was created at 3 AM, and it had only been an hour. Don't multi-post, just use the edit button.
is it an MG speaker? probably isn't going to sound that great. you can get a nice speaker for like 65 bucks from www.warehouseguitarspeakers.com
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