Hi UG,

So I'm saving up for a new amp, to use together with my Hellraiser C-1 FR with 89/81TW in it.

So it haz to bee T00B

Budget will be like around 700, stretching too a thousand euro's, depends on how long I save up

I play metal, symphony x, nevermore, carcass, the faceless, to name a few, really high gain stuff (well Symphony X isn't that higain, but still ^^).

Combo or head+cab doesn't matter to me, and I'm eventually willing to buy used but only if it's in Holland, I don't like my stuff shipping...

Gonna be used for as well as home practice as gigging.
ENGL Thunder or Screamer
Maybe find a used Blackstar Series 1 45w combo?
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Just like Yesterday

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Looks like we're looking for the same thing..
Finding good amps (..cheap) is hard over here.
yeah +1 to the engl

or maybe a marshall TSL DSL?
I shouldn't post when drunk..

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+1 on the ENGL Screamer
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