please give me some delay settings for solos...

maybe tape delay?? or something...
my friend said that almost every guitar player use tape delay setting,my friend has a digitech delay and there is a seperate mode (tape delay), but my dd3 doesnt have one...
can you give me some settings for solos?
i think that tape delay style sounds or analogue is used as it cuts of high end so the repeats arent too in your face,so i dont know if you ca get that on a boss, as the repeats are very clean. try using a low effect level, short delay time and only a lowish feedback to avoid self oscillation
I know Joe Bonamassa sets his DD-3 with all the controls at 12 o'clock and that's his primary delay setting. Try it, see what you think!
yeh thats to sorta make it sound spacey as if you are playing far faster then you really are haha

depends what you want the delay to do, to thicken your sound? or to make it sound like you sound better and faster? :P
Here is what I do most of the time.

All pointed towards the top. So medium delay setting on the right.
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