Might wanna change the title of either 2 depression songs, in sprintime depression I thought you were dragging the theme on for too long but I started liking it more and more once you kept adding layers and dimensions. Dawn of depression has an intro that really puts me off though, I hate it when people start slamming 4 chord progressions like that. Wizards and Warriors started out very nice but you need to learn to play more accurately, it had mistakes all over.
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Springtime depression is actually a cover of Forgotten Tomb's song with the same name. You should check it out before you listen to my version.
Dawn of depression is my attempt at a more atmospheric sound. Maybe not all people like that kind of black metal.
Wizard of warriors I made just for fun long ago, its actually from and old video-game. And yes, it is not so well played.
Thanks for the feedback.