Okay well, I decided to do this and picked some songs yesterday and artists you guys might have no heard of so, sit back, break your neck and enjoy. I don't know how to do those things at once but it's possible.


1. Million Dollar Slaughter - Aggressor
A local Ottawa band that just had their debut cd Rape The Willing cd released last year. Basically if you like good old thrash and like to headbang, then you really can't go wrong with this band. I met one of the guitarists at a Napalm Death gig in May and he seemed really stoked for this band.

2. Edifice of Tyranny - Ouroboros (ex-Dred)
Hailing from Australia, these boys are here with no bull**** technical death metal. No, not that wanky stuff that's polluting the airwaves nowadays these guys actually know how to sctructure a song and make technicallity work. So sit back and enjoy brutality and melody into one awesome song. They have released one EP to date and it was in 2006 and are now writing an album, so I'm pretty stoked for it.

3. The Search For Redemption - Endamage
If you have not heard of these guys from Portugal then your ears haven't really heard good melodic death metal. These boys rock really hard on their instruments and make it impossible not to headbang too. This isn't that watered down Melo-Death we hear nowadays, this is the real deal. The song was released on an EP in 2008.

4. Day Twenty Eight: Targets - Trap Them
Alright well how I got into Trap Them? I basically got into them when I went to the gig with Napalm Death. They put on such an energetic and tasteful live show and knew how to interact with the crowd. Their short songs that mix Grind/Death and Punk all into one make it impossible not to break your neck too.

5. Disembowel - Autopsy
Considering my name on here and on the site that I made the mix is SeveredSurvival why not add a song off it to please some off you guys. Just a classic really. Not much needs to be said. The reunion show at next years's Deathfest should really be something, I will probably make the trip to go out and see this legendary band perform.

6. Chained To The Nite - Cauldron
Formed in 2006, and already signed to one of Metal's biggest labels (Earache). These boys bring back the old school metal sound that mixes Traditional Metal and some elements of thrash to make for one hell of a sound. Sing along, drink some beers and enjoy some epic Canadian Metal.

7. Allowance of Sin - Hour of 13
How can I not put these guys in this mix? Honestly, Stranglehold's thread here got only a few responses which angered me so, I decided to put a song by these guys in my mix. A slab of classic doom made to please some older fans of metal here. Impossible not to get into.

8. Hellbangers - Desaster
Is there a better way to close off this mix than with one of Germany's best bands by the name of Desaster. I recently got into these guys once again thanks to Stranglehold and have not been able to stop listening to the albums I have by them. These boys have been around for more than 20 years and know the good things from the bad and how to write proper black/thrash. Off the album 666: Satan's Soldiers Syndicate thse bad boys are here to break skulls, pillage your homes and rape your wives. Absolutely class stuff.

Anyways people I hope you enjoyed the radio.

Here is the next fellow UGers that will be doing this.

AUG 21 eazy-c
AUG 28 LucasGtrGod
SEP 3 destöroyah
SEP 25 destroy_techno
OCT 04 Webbtje
OCT 18 Cianyx
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Dred ****ing rock. Didn't know they had changed their name, though.

And you didn't exactly pick their best song.

I'll listen to the others later... I've got half a double album to go, and i don't like stopping them.
There's a few I know, but I'll listen to it tonight after I get back from Chicago. Nice looking list, though.
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Would it be possible for me to get a slot in the near future? You can have my word, I will not disappoint.

Also, awesome mix, SeveredSurvival.
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I'll listen to this tomorrow or something. I'm sure it won't be anything short of awesome
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Pretty good stuff Severed, I know the majority of the bands and the ones I didn't know, I enjoyed. Great mix
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can i pull out of this. i cant come up with a good playlist
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Aggressor - Million Dollar Slaughter isn't actually Aggressor - Million Dollar Slaughter.
^^I have a radio already made from a bit ago I could post if no one else is willing to take the spot

^hmm, weird, what is it then?
Some old-timey song that sounds familiar but I can't name it.

Also, the Hour of 13 song is wrong too. I'm guessing it's a Smashing Pumpkins song, but it might be one of Billy Corgan's solo songs. And the Desaster song is some electronic song.
Quote by Scourge441
Aggressor - Million Dollar Slaughter isn't actually Aggressor - Million Dollar Slaughter.

Yeah, I was like, "Rape the Willing? Sounds br00talz."
And then I get that thing.

Listening to Dred now.
This is some real br00talz though.

EDIT: Youtubed the Aggressor song.
Sounded like Sepultura, during the Chaos AD/Roots era.
Not too bad.
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so ya since no one else seems to interested, i'll post it up later tonight

prepare for (some) slavic-ness !
wait, I just looked at the schedule (lol) and it's eazy-c today (and he's posted today, so not banned or anything).

way to confuse me, destoroyah Q_Q
You should check out the EP from Endamage, Apotheosis, as it's very unique Melodic Death Metal, unlike most of the Swedish bands.. I really recommend it!