I've been looking for a good small body acoustic....any suggestions??

Price range 900-1300
taylor GC3 might suit you. it's pretty darn nice, and the grand concert size is fairly small but not too small, and the gc3 sounds and looks good. it's all solid and very comfortable to hold and play - even for me, and i usually prefer a wider neck.

if you like a parlor sized guitar, i recommend you check out the blueridge BR-361, which is all solid and even though i don't like parlors, this guitar has unusually good sound for its size. also if you can find a used larrivee parlor, you will probably be pretty impressed - they have one at west l.a. guitar center that sounds pretty sweet.
check out some of the breedlove atlas guitars. and i love that taylor above my post ^
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check out some of the breedlove atlas guitars. and i love that taylor above my post ^

THIS. Breedlove makes some very very nice stuff. It's better if you can get the "discontinued" models used (Like the AC25 Sr Plus and such) because they're all solid wood, and I think the newer ones are solid tops/laminate backs, but I'm not too sure on that. Some other people here *COUGH COUGH Keenan COUGH* could probably tell you more about that.
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