now i was playing my guitar at about 5pm and i went out, and ive come home at 10, andrealised i left my amp on standby, have i ****ed my amp up?
as long as it plays and works, it should be fine. It's probably the same as playing a gig at full volume for 2 hours.
No. There's guys who've left it on all night and it even sounds better. All it will do is take the lifetime of your valves down a bit.
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Dude, I played my amp for like 6 hours one day (At medium high volumes, about 3 on my 100watt Marshall), didn't do any damage, so leaving it on standby wont do anything.
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Don't worry. It's like leaving a flashlight switched on.
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well thats a relief, i came home and was likeeee SHIITTTTTTTTTTTT sorta thing lol