I would've posted this in the gear section. But seeing as I'm only interested in blues players i thought i might aswell put it here.

I'm currently exploring the world of electric guitar strings.

So I wondered, I know a heck of a lot, like everybody, about SRV's fat strings.. And it made wanna know what the other guys use..

Like Buddy Guy, the 3 kings, clapton, derek trucks, mayer , jimmie vaughan, hendrix


Does anyone know ?
Alright, was pretty sure bout that too.. Ofcourse they change sizes once in a while, kinda gets you confused sometimes-- hard to name specific songs to sizes..

Like John Mayer is signed as an Ernie Ball Artist (though I thought he had changed) and on ernieball.com it says .10's.. But another site says .11's.. So who knows..

Shoot on!
.10's seem to be the usual suspect on electric. Don't be suprised if a lot of blues guitarists inadvertently mixed gauges (simply replacing a broken or duff string with one from another gauge set). I should think it would be a case of what the player preferred at the time, or what best suited their guitar. A different guitar may be loaded with a different gauge string with the same artist. Again, they might change string gauge for live performances (either purposefully or not). It would take an awfully extensive amount of research to find what strings (on what guitar) were used for each song for each artist. For more recent blues guitarists it should be easier because of the mass endorsements, but I'd take that with a pinch of salt. Guitarists don't stick to them in reality, just putting their face to the product without actually using it.

In all honesty I'd be suprised if you get any excitng results from researching this. Acoustic blues string gauges on the other hand, particularly with older artists would be interesting but an impossible task. These things rarely get written down.
yea I quickly abandoned the idea of the old acoustic stuff, not even sure they themselves cared too much about it..
string gauge is over rated - hendrix used 9's, srv used 12-13, who cares. I usually use 9's or 10's. The only problem i occasionally have is for rhythm playing on a low gauge string, when fretting chords it can sound like theyre out of tune because theyre so easy to move. Also, quite a bit of unwanted string noise ~ 9's.
12s ftw, i use them for everything and bending isn't that much harder
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I always played ernie ball .10's.. yesterday i switched to .11's just for the heck of it, to try the tone.

And yeah, hendrix used .09's i read, but his guitar never did sound that "fat" in my ears.. I'm trying to find out stuff bout the old guys, can't seem to find any..

I'd like to get a clue on what sizes buddy guy used/uses.. I love his bends
I use .11s, I like them quite a lot. My guitar teacher had .12s, and they were amazing!
I can't be bothered to get my neck re-adjusted for another string gauge though, because on my strat you have to take the neck off to adjust the truss rod

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Billy Gibbons uses 9s

(as I found out scrambling to justify my thin strings...)

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Quote by Carswell98
Billy Gibbons uses 9s

(as I found out scrambling to justify my thin strings...)

Billy Gibbons is famous for using 8's in a recent interwiev he said that he has been playing with 7's for a while now.
When Clapton was in the Yardbirds, he used light gauge with a very thin first string. Thats what his biography says.