i've recently figured out that their is something wrong with my guitar. For a couple of weeks now i have noticed that my guitar makes some buzzing sounds when i move around. I obviously thought at first that it has to be the cable since the buzzing sound only comes out when i move it but when i used that same cable on another pieces of equipment no buzzing comes out (even when i move it around) so now i think its the output jack but when i open it nothing (to me) really seems wrong.

What is another possibility for the problem?

please and thank you!
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does it only happen when your not touching the strings?
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Probably has something to do with the ground wiring.
Could you get us a pic of the wiring?
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You didn't provide enough information to conclusively say, but it might be one of these things...

1. It isn't grounded properly. But you'd know if it isn't grounded, because it'd be buzzing/humming ALL the time to the point where it's unbearable.
2. The control cavity isn't shielded.
3. Your Ibanez has single coils.
4. If it only starts buzzing or humming when you take your flesh off metal components, then that's normal. If it really bothers you, get a noise gate.