I'm going to be moving soon (driving cross-country) and I don't really have room in my car for two guitars. I'd love to be able to keep an eye on them but they are too cumbersome and take up too much space.

How can I ship an acoustic and an electric without destroying them? I still have the box my acoustic came in but no such luck for the electric.
Wrap them in lots of bubblewrap, put them in a box and put "airbags" (sorry, don't know the exact word for this) in the box. Alternatively, you could get a flight case.
If you have a hard shell case for them definitely use those. Still, I don't like the idea of sending my guitars through a shipping system, even with insurance. For example, FedEx delivered a shattered plane of glass to us, twice in a row.
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Get a Hiscox flight case for your electric, they're about £100. They really are very sturdy cases. As for your acoustic, I have no idea as I've not had experience of shipping one, so my only guess is to wrap it up extremely well. I'm not sure.
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i used to dismantle my bolt on guitar to fit it into my suitcase
and it survived the flight :/
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