So i've been messing around for the past 2 days or so, and i've been coming up with random riffs, mostly just chug on the open E powerchord there and here and then finish it up with a few single notes move down / up a string and then maybe throw in a hammeron / pull off or some vibrato

But do scales make creating your own riffs easier? like knowing what notes sound good together, and where to find that said note?

Or is that more learning the fretboard?
post in guitar techniques,they will explain all
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Yes, that's exactly what scales are good for.

Helps you know for sure a specific note will sound good played over a specific chord.

They also help you create chords. You can combine any 2 3 4 5 or 6 notes from the scale, and you know it is actualy a valid chord.

Now this doesn't mean your riff / lick will sound good put together, but at least you know the notes are not WRONG, and will not sound sour.

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You dont need them, as long as it sound good to your ears, but they can definately help.

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