I need some help with recording my band.
For now we are using a portable camera to record but the sound quality is ofcourse horrible. So now I want to know what we need to record . I am sure there are some threads about this but I couldn't find them and I don't get the faq and the other stickies .
They don't really explain how to record
Anyway what would I need to record guitar, bass and drum ?
And explain how that would work, do we just plug the guitar cable in the thing that we need without amplifier or first in the amp and then via the headphones out or something ?
I really have no idea about recording and need someone to explain it to me from the beginning.
I use my Pocket Pod for Recording...theres an direct out which goes to the Pc into Audacity.
The problem with your idea with the amp phone will be that you cant hear your guitar anymore...but if you can arrange it to let it out from the pc its ok...
otherwise...buy a hd camera...or just microphones and put it on the amp or drums
I'm far from an expert, but what my band has done is plug a mic into a laptop, and just record into Audacity.
This is pretty much the best way to record without spending any money. If you have a RockBand mic lying around, try it out.
Well, budgetary considerations aside, what you should do it mic everything. So play like you would normally play, but stick a mic in front of everybody's amp/drums/vocals. You run all of those signals into a mixer (probably 10 channels or more) and that goes into a computer or recording device of some type.

Thats what you do in a perfect world, but thats a pricey option. If you want to do it on the cheap, buy a decent microphone and USB/firewire preamp, and run it into your computer. You can find all kinds of free software to record audio (I highly recommend audacity)
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Mic your amps and drums and plug the mics into an audio interface, which then connects to a laptop. This is a 'professional' home recording method.
A cheaper way is to directly plug your instruments into the audio interface, and that'll save money quite a bit of money.
Or buy a multitrack recorder and record straight into it's harddrive.
I could tell you what you need to record each instrument separately (+-3 mics, small mixer, interface) , the proper way, but unfortunately most amateur bands seem to have problems doing it this way so my advice is this: look up what equipment tapers use and get that. You should probably end up with a decent stereo mic and a cheap interface, which should cost you in the region of €150, maybe €100...