So i have a Laney VC30 2x10 which is essentially New, there are no Dingsbangs or anything on it, Comes with manual and everything else, sadly Laney dont give you the footswitch but its only £15 from any store. There is one problem with the Reverb Unit on it but its still under warrenty so Laney should fix it for you if you go to any Laney Dealer.

Im sadly looking for just cash as i need some at the moment to pay the rent.

They retail now for £425 or more plus shipping but ill let this go for £330 Shipped to you, or £300 collected

Pics will follow if theres interest

these are really awesome amps and this is the same amp which Michael Akerfeld uses from Opeth, the cleans on this are amazing and it gives a really nice bluesy overdrive too.
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