I recently went through a lot of things, and it's had a snowball effect. It's been harder and harder to keep going, and while I know it sounds pathetic, I just don't know what to do. Hopefully writing a bit will help. C4c obviously.

Woke up choking, the truth lodged in my throat
I would do anything, for another lie

Something to keep me going, something...something...
A comfortable falsity to lose myself in, to coax me to sleep

No. Nothing.
And I hesitate, while on the point of exhaustion, because tomorrow will be just the same.

Just the same.
Waking up is a slap to the face, knowing I made it through the night.

The light keeps getting dimmer, "it will get better in time", "You'll look back and see how much better it is now".

If only I knew.

If only.

For now I'm just waiting, waiting until I find a reason to continue.
All the shoulders I used to lean on, are absent, how convienient.

I need a reason.

I enjoyed this. I love when people write through catharsis because that's when I think they're most honest with themselves and when they write their most honest pieces.

There were a lot of lines in there that struck a chord with me. For example, this line: "A comfortable falsity to lose myself in, to coax me to sleep". This really rang true for me, how we are willing to hide within a lie because the truth is too painful; it is "lodged in our throats".

I also this was paced really well. The one or two-lined, even one-worded, stanzas worked to your benefit to slow down the reader and really create this drawn-out feeling of resignment; a feeling not of contentment but of exhaustion. I feel that really tied into the theme of this.

My one suggestion would be to consider revising the first stanza only because I feel like words like "truth" and "lie" are so overused that they've become cliche. It may just be a personal preference but I don't feel anything when these words are used, they're too broad and impersonal if you know what I mean.

That being said, I thought the choking metaphor was great so I'd keep that in but just find a different way of expressing of the truth is choking you.

Other than that, great piece and I hope everything works out.
here, My Dear, here it is
Thanks a lot I'll take note, and probably work on it tonight. Would you like me to crit the one in your sig? Or another?
Yeah, if you don't mind doing the one in my sig, I would appreeciate it.
here, My Dear, here it is