[or equivilant] files include singing, with the correct notes, therefore, it should be able to teach you to sing the songs in the right key and such if you follow it.

So, in theory, it should be able to teach you to sing with more control.
Do you agree with the final statement?
well, it would help if you didn't have the song available to listen to. otherwise it'd be better to just follow the actual song.
I guess so, but then you'd just be able to follow that melody, and not see what note it was that you were hitting, do you think GP would help with this?
I'm with 4thHorsemen, you would be better off listening to the actual song.
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I don't know if will help you sing, but I do think there is value in knowing the notes. It will help you understand how the melody is constructed and will help you develop your ear when you equate the notes with the sound they make.