Hey everyone!

My names Dan, I'm 25. I play in a band called A Minute Away and have a fairly successful YouTube channel.

7.5 million views + 15,000+ subscribers

Im interested in doing some collabs with anyone whos got some great quality audio stuff. I have over a 100 videos but I cant shred like a lot of you here! Well I cant shred at all. But I CAN sing pretty high, including Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, etc. I think we can make some amazing music together!

I have Pro Tools M-Powered 8.0 with an HD Cam, and can get some crystal clear vocals, so if you have some sweet guitar/bass/drum tracks and want to put something together then lets do it!

Email: aminuteaway@hotmail.com
MSN: apoctic68@hotmail.com

The video will get roughly 1000+ views a day, sometimes more depending how hot the song is. I will throw some links in to whatever sites you want. Its good for me, and good for you!

The sky is the limit.

Hope to hear from some of you.

Work to live, not live to work.
thats weird, i didnt get it

i have only msgs from 2007 in my inbox lol, im not sure if i can receive new msgs for some reason. I just started using UG forums again
Work to live, not live to work.