i love iced earth...anyway here is m crit

intro- this intro is so peaceful sounding, it was very cool...and i liked the 2nd guitar alot..

chorus- my favorite part of the song, it was so catchy...i loved it...

solo- this is the only prt that i didnt like, i didnt really think the solo fit well with the song..but i dont know much abou solos because i cant write them..

outro-the outro solo was alot better very good..

overall, id give this song a 7/10...

c4c? its song 9 n my sig if you have the time...tanks
Intro: I enjoyed this section, it's really peaceful and I like the extra ambience that guitar 2 added.

Verse: Pretty much same as intro, but with drums lol.

Chorus: I like the 3rds you used in this. The section had a really groovy feel which is a nice variation coming from the soft verse.

Solo: I enjoyed this for the most part, but the last 4 notes in bar 80 sound really out of place to me. Chromatics could work in this solo but the ones in that bar just sound like wrong notes to me.

Outro: No complaints here, loved the solo and the fade-out.

What I'd change: I don't like the 4 snare hits at the beginning of each chorus. It seems to just interrupt the flow of the transition from verse to chorus. And when you repeat the chorus try adding something to break the monotony of just having the same section repeated again.

I enjoyed this song for the most part though, I'll give it an 8.5/10. C4C? Song 2 in my sig pl0x
I'm ok with this crit, tnx! It's a simple song, such Iced earth did on SWTWC album...some tough stuff will be soon!