So i want to learn some theory to help my playing

I've been coming up with my own riffs past few days mostly just chugging on the open E and throwing in some power chords and finising off with a bit of a pentatonic scale 2-4 notes with hammerons etc

But i want to learn some more to help me coming up with better riffs

I enjoy learning songs but i much prefer making my own music


^ that is way over my head i think, Is there anything before that?
check out the crusade columns, I've started with that and it's really helpfull.
Also sometimes listening to more bands/artists/music can give you more ideas for riffs.
Also learning techniques can help alot.
but go with the theory first if you want
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Well yea that lesson is way too thorough if you're looking for fundamental music theory ideas

I've always found that if you focus on chord progressions in rock and blues, it'll help you build melodies when it comes to riffing in [what sounds like] hard rock, thrash, etc

There are a lot of really interesting ways of constructing progressions, try to find some they might get you started
Thanks guys if anyone else has links plz post really looking to study some stuff all weekend