I bought a Line 6 POD Studio UX1, and I got two recording programs with it: Ableton Live Lite Line6 edition, and Riffworks T4.. I have no idea how to use them, and i don't like the approach that you record a few riffs and then place them together to make a song out of it. I just want a recording program where you can record what you play and record over that, if necessary. Do one of these programs provide that, or what other program should i get?
Audacity is pretty good, ive never used it myself, but my drummer has, and he loves it.
I use Magix music maker, its not super high quality but its simple and it doesnt take much fooling around with to record, but it costs money.
Audacity is free.
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I believe it's possible with ableton but I really hated that program and never got it to work properly.
You can set a drumbeat for like 100+ bars with riffworks en play over that.

I use adobe audition for recording.

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Audacity is pretty good

Audacity is free.

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Get audacity, which is free but a bit too basic for me.
I have REAPER which works perfectly, it has everything you need, but it costs. You could always experiment with the demo version:

Reaper all the way. Riffworks might work for you but its track count is limited. Live is FANTASTIC.... for live improvised electronic music :p Get Reaper, you won't be disappointed.