I have a Line 6 Spider 3 120 watt amp that starts to cut volume in and out after about 20 minutes of playtime. I have tried google, but I could not find anything on this specific problem. It seems like a power/heat issue to me, but I would like to hear some other ideas before I open it up. Could anyone give me some guidance on this?
Yuck, hate that amp, I have it too.
Does the display stay on when the volume cuts?
Because I don't think it would be anything to do with power if it does (I'm by no means an amp expert though)
my honest opinion...if you like the amp....take it to a repair shop....have them look at it...give you an estimate. But me personally...I would try to sell it as is to guitar center...and buy another amp ASAP.
Don't take it to a repair shop. You are better off saving your money to buy a better amp. Most shops will have a minimum bench fee of $40-$50 US.
You could open the amp up and do a visual inspection, see if any traces are visibly melted or if there are any connections that look poor. Let us know if you see anything that looks odd.

im sorry my sunburn has made me overly cynical today, id reccomend trying to trade it in to guitar center. Its not worth it to fix that amp if you cant do it yourself, they are going to charge you as much as it would cost to buy a decent tube amp just to take the thing apart and put it back together and who knows how long itll work for after that
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