My railroad car of thoughts
once took me over the sunset
and into darkness.
The other side of
the world waited in
motionless suspense.
The stars hung staircases
Up to Heaven's
indefinite existence.

If the steel frames in buildings
melted would we finally see
the pollution of our sin?
Would we search the
ruble for every miracle and blessing
we had overlooked?

Drowsy bodies relaxed in twilight
bedrooms paint these questions in dreams
they can't remember over the first
cup of coffee
as the railroads over Earth
saturate with trains from across the universe.

The New York Times
will report that millions of
people are dying of hunger
Those people die hungry too.

We take it for granted;
the emptiest of feelings and
the hollowest of thoughts escape
and the reaction is always the same
shrug off your shoulders.

And my railroad car takes me home
to a dead-end life in the suburbs
where I', to preoccupied with Facebook
to live
or care.
seems pretty much straight forward, though the facebook line really made me go "huh" for a bit. A little bit of spelling/grammar, "ruble" is the Russian coin, "rubble" is the like debris and what not. I'm not sure if you meant the former some how, but I think you mean the latter. Also you miss typed a "," instead of an "m". hah. I really don't get why it is a railroad car, but perhaps that is something just for you to know.

the piece makes sense without you having to explain it, which is a good thing.
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