I'm not sure of the title, tell me if you have any other ideas. C4C?

When we all die, do we fly up so fly up so high
Or do we all lie, do we lie in the lie in the ground
I know what I think but I think that we all need to think
And reconsider some things about the lives that we lead

We're fighting with mortality inside of our minds
But how much could we live life if we never got to die
Oh, life is so beautiful, but is death just, is death just the same
Is it a narcoleptic fit of rage where when we wake we're playing a new game?
A whole new game

Oh what if that scripture was bull**** and nobody, nobody knows
God just give me some answers 'cause my hand has been up for so long
'Cause I've asked for forgiveness and I've hailed you with such great praise
But you took away my father and now I can't see it the same
No I don't see it the same

Now I'm praying for the rapture to save myself all of this pain
I wanna die before my loved ones so I don't see them put in their grave
So I'll scream hallelujah in hopes that he'll come down to save
Everybody but me so I'll never have to feel any pain

Just come in the night, so I don't see them go
Yeah I'll sleep though the night, so I'll never know
So when I wake in the morning, and everyone's gone
I'll cry myself back to sleep, 'cause I'll know I was wrong
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Wow, very enticing. I read the first stanza and was ready to read the next one. This is a good thing. At no point did I lose any interest.

I liked the rawness of the 3rd stanza. Thats something a lot of people can relate to, myself included if I'm interpreting it right.

Really, overall, its very solid and I enjoyed it. I'd be interested to hear how it works out as a song.
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