What string size is good for standard and drop C? I currently use 0.09s and everytime I tune to drop C, my strings turn into noodles.

Sorry if I'm not really clear on this. Thanks
Definitely don't go lighter than 11's. Even .12-.52 felt great in dropped C. I tried it on my acoustic and it was still loose enough to comfortably bend one and a half steps.
A friend of mine put 11s on his guitar in standard. I could bend on them just fine. It's all up to preference though.
I use 11's and only play in standard.
Works good, gives you a really beefy sound especially on a Les Paul
I love white guitars!
11's will snap if you do alot of full bends though. 09's or 08's are slinkier, more elastic.
dont think any one gauge is good for both standard E and drop C. too big a change.
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good point about the wound G. The heavy gauge strings are good for acoustic and jazz when bending is not too common place, but if you are into bending a lot you better have some strong hands or know how to loosen the tension on your strings. Not hitting a bend right sounds like a dying duck falling out of the sky. And we have all heard too many morons trying to play heavy strings just because SRV did ect ect... not a good reason.