Okay, first of all I didn't know where to put it so I put it under pit, cause its physcological (SP?)

Anyways, I'll be going to Denmark Street in a few days time.
And I always get so nervous at guitar shops, I feel like there listening to me and like whisper stuff about me.

I've been there twice before the last time I went there I dunno why my brain juts frooze. (SP?)
Even though I have been playing guitar for 4 years now. I still get nervous in shops. however playing gigs is never a problem.

But yeah thanks!

By the way sorry for my bad English, It's not my first language.
Stop caring what people say i mean why the hell do they care. Just go to the shop play get your guitar leave.
go back to the guitar shops, have a wank, then play, simple as.

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haha hes already scared of getting talked about

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no one honestly cares what you play. just go in there and play. i feel the same way though at times. at home i'm shredding and playing everything i have to play, but when i get to the guitar center i never know what to play when trying out a guitar so i look like a beginner just playing chromatic exercises lol.
eh you'll never see them again, and they'll never see you again (likely), or at least for long enough to inherit an opinion on you.
Ahh you'll be fine, as long as you dont play some generic modern day pop or punk song
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Don't worry about it, if anyone says anything then just say "hey man, if i suck then you play something better of GTFO"
if they don't say anything then you must not suck as bad as you say. also think of songs to play before you get there so you don't look helpless with the guitar.
Go with friends. I freeze up in shops if I'm by myself. If I go with one of my band members, or even just a friend, it's like all those psychological feelings goes away, and I play pretty much normal.
Be confident and only play songs you are comfortable with, well.

Oh and lie about how long you've been playing if anybody asks you.
No one cares about what you play. A few months ago I went to the music shop, tried a Wah and just played the minor pentatonic and a rock riff. No one cared, and I wasn't there to show my skills.
Cum some blood on them, that should do the trick.
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Don't go alone...get a friend you're comfortable with, you'll probably feel better then.
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Go with friends. I freeze up in shops if I'm by myself. If I go with one of my band members, or even just a friend, it's like all those psychological feelings goes away, and I play pretty much normal.


Always take another guitar playing friend with you if you're planning on looking at stuff. They can both give you some tips and help you feel more comfortable when you're there.
theres one solution to that, follow these steps:

1-find the largest amp set in the store, ask to try it out

2-crank up the volume to 11

3-start playing stairway to heaven

they will absolutely think you are a god
Imagine yourself in your underwear, like you are in the comfort of your own home. Hell, just go to the shop in your underwear.
Just do what tommy chong did.

Turn up the amp as loud as it can go in the guitar store go up and down with the whammy bar and play random stuff till the amp blows up
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You aren't there to show off, you're there to try out guitars. SO go in grab an axe that you like and play a few scales maybe a lick or two, some chords, and maybe even a simple little tune if you want to test it out. No one is there to judge (at least i hope not) you are all there for basically the same purpose so there is no reason to feel that any one is better than anyone else.
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Just play. I used to have the same problem then I said **** it. Nobody is gonna listen to you and if they do they won't care and if they do, and they think you're bad, who cares? A week from that day they won't say "remember that kid at the shop? He sucked"
Learn something and ****in' play.

well usually if you hear or somehow find out that there is somone that sucks whos playing in there thats enough to give you enough confidence to play right? when i get into guitar center theres always somone in there thats sitting in front of an amp with the guitar and playing greenday or somthing with the volume virtually non existent.
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Um, you're probably never gonna see the other customers in the shop again, so just play whatever you want to. And the staff see hundreds of people come through and try out stuff, so they don't care.
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blast some death metal and cum blood


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Wear a costume or some strange clothes when you go into the guitar shop. That way nobody will recognize you and so it doesn't matter if you screw up.
No problem, just have a killer lick or riff ready and tear off their faces with your skill. And crank up the amp so that they can't hear what the others whisper about you.
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