So a while ago I bought a Peavey Valveking 212 and it has an effects loop in it. What's the point of this? I read somewhere that you use like chorus and delays in it or something. right now I'm just hooking up all my pedals and then running them through the amp's high gain input to avoid all the cable mess. Is there any reason for specifically using the effects loop"?
Modulating pedals tend to add alot of noise. Especially if they are in the chain before the preamp.

So your chorus for example, creates just a tiny bit of noise, but then it goes through the PREAMP and that noise is increased alot.

The effects loop lets you put the pedal AFTER the preamp and before the Power Amp.

so with the pedal in the loop, that effect is not going through the preamp. Less noise.

It's like it's better to add chorus to an already amplified tone, rather than amplify a tone that has chorus added to it....

Also, some say the tone is effected as well. That is very subjective though.

It's all personal preference though. Experiment on your own and see what YOU think. After all, that's all that matters.

The general rules are..

Pedals to put before the amplifiers input:

Pedals to put in the loop:

Especially the loopers. If you record yourself with the looper, then replay that into the amps input, it will Add distortion to it again...crappy...
Put it in the loop.

Hope that helps..

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i guees that give you diferent type of sounds, i really dont know how does it work, but you can use all the settings in your amp just as they are supossed to work without effects, and the effects.
It's situated between the preamp and the poweramp, and thus you can use delay on the signal that's been modified by the preamp, instead of having the preamp modify the signal from the delay pedal. With some pedals the difference isn't that big, but for example with delay it might sound better if you "delay" the distorted signal, instead of distorting the "delayed" signal.

Try if your pedals sound better in the effects loop. If they sound good enough (or even better) in front of the amp, keep them there
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By the way, when you get the chance, plug your guitar into the low input and plug something (anything that isn't another guitar) into the high input. It sounds better that way.

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I run my mods through my EL, and you can notice an immediate change in tone.

You gain effects are stronger, there is a heck of a lot of volume loss, and the modulation sounds tighter. IME the Mods that get linked in the chian rather than in the EL have a tendencey to sound fat. The preamp messes with em too much, so get you a couple of cables and have at it.
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