I've been playing this particular guitar for just under a year now, but it suddenly developed a pretty odd defect. Whenever I bend a note, all of the other strings go down in tone. It has an edge 3, which is a crappy trem, but I've never had issues like this... It just happened mid-song. I literally hit a note, and it was fine; bending top note of a full chord. Did the next chord, and it went nutty on me; it bent, sure, but the rest of the notes went outta tune, like I was using the trem bar. I've since tested it, and it does this consistently. What would cause this? It's never happened before...
Are you talking about the other strings going flat WHILE you are bending another string?
That's normal. Bending the string puts more force on the bridge, and it comes up a little, lowering the tension on the rest of the strings. I forget what this is called, but there is a name for it. It happens on all tremolos that are setup to float.

Or are you talking about, bending a string, then releasing it. Then noticing other strings out of tune? That's entirely different, and is a setup issue...

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It's always done that, you've just never noticed before.
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It's always done that, you've just never noticed before.

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