I've had it for about a month, but I love NGD threads and I bet some other people do too.

So it's a Dean Exotica Koa. Koa sides and back, with a flamed Koa top. The headstock has a great flamed Koa veneer too. It's not as orange as it looks in the pictures. Here's a close up of the flamed top.

It plays well, not as nice as a Taylor or anything, but it's great for a $400 guitar. The finish is perfect, the binding is perfectly flush. Decent tuners and a really nice looking bridge. I LOVE THIS GUITAR!
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looks purdy man
best YouTube video ever

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Thanks guys!
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This is the electric guitar forum.

But nice none-the-less, Dean wouldn't be my pick for an acoustic though.

My bad.
I wasn't expecting much from it, and it definitely looks better than it sounds or plays, but I'm satisfied. I think people give Dean a bad rep.
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