Ok, so we all know that the Big Muff & Fuzz Face sound pretty damn great, being all sloppy & sludgey on bass, but what tight fuzzes are there?

I'm looking to replace the Big Muff on my board because it doesn't really suit the music, but we still want a fuzz, so can anyone recomend any? Preferable not stupidly expensive & smalle (like about the size of an average Boss pedal or smaller).

Now my local larger good guitar shop had a couple fuzzes in the window, but unfortunatly I was unable to try them out as I was just helping my guitarist pick up his new head before practice (ironically a Marshall Bass Plexi), would any of them sound tighter than my Muff?

Digitech Grunge
Fender Blender

I also thought I'd to find some of the following to try out:
MXR El Grande, Bozz FZ-5, ZVex Mastotron & Ibanez FZ7
Why not just get a distortion?
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^because distortion=/= tight fuzz.

try checking out some stuff on bassfuzz.com, they have every fuzz imaginable. I really like the Wounded Paw Attack Goat myself.
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Weirdly enough, i use a Boss DS-1 guitar distortion, which sounds pretty tight if you set things up right
OK, having owned and tried the Grunge and Fender Blender on bass, just don't do it, plainly and simply. Guitar distortions tend to have high pass filters on them so they discard any low rumble that would mud up a guitar tone - however that's where the bass shines.

IMO for your situation there are 2 really good choices at good prices - the Bass Big Muff and the aforementioned El Grande. I own an El Grande and recommend it.
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Weirdly enough, i use a Boss DS-1 guitar distortion, which sounds pretty tight if you set things up right

When I had access to a DS-1 at college I made probably one of the best combinations I've heard (though it would be obsolete now because my hartke bass attack does what the DS-1 basically did).

I had the Big Bass Muff with "tone" at about even (err, 12 o'clock?) and the sustain a lot above (perhaps 3 o'clock?). Then I had the DS-1 with not much distortion, but high 'tone' (or however it was labeled, the middle knob I think)

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you can't really get a tight fuzz, that's the nature of them, they're sloppy and fuzzy... get a bass distortion or something