As you all know ride for dime is going to be in a few days and i would like to go, but im 14 and of course no bike. Is it just a biker party? I want to see all the crazy guests they are gonna have and of course i love PanterA but i doubt i could fit in with alot of bikers! any help from those of you who have been?
...The what?

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RIP Les Paul
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...The what?

they are going to ride/have sex with, dimes body.

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Ok seriously. Dimebag died like seven years ago. I agree with CTFOD. Rest in peace Les.
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RIP Les Paul

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Ok seriously. Dimebag died like seven years ago. I agree with CTFOD. Rest in peace Les.

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RIP Les Paul

Oh no you didn't.

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Dime' Is Dead.
Get The Hell Over It Already.

I apologize for that ^^. I just wish people would shut up about him already, and stop whining on about him him being dead. And while I'm here, rest in peace, Les .
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ride for dime doesn't sound like a bicycle type of thing. but i could be wrong.
I think the whole deal was kinda helped to be organized by Vinnie, Dime's brother. Its kind of a way for people to pay their respects annually. Not to mention its one hell of a party.

Personally Im all for it. I know if my brother was killed like that right in front of me I would want to celebrate his life as well. I've met Vinnie a couple times before and he really is a cool guy. I dont talk about it like everyone else does on here, but Im all for the cause of the memorial...

More over it is designed to give money raised to charities that not only Dime, but a few other musicians were involved in prior to their deaths. So all in all, its for a good cause.
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