firstly i know this isnt a phone website so dont comment on that

Got a new phone the Sony Ericsson W995 and its on a contract with o2 which i get Unlimited Free Texts and 600 Minutes for 25quid a month
Ive just updated my phone using the sony ericsson software and now ive found facebook on my phone under messaging, was just wondering if they was free and wouldnt cost me for using the internet

Thanks for any help

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Check their website?
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This isn't a phone website.

Depends on your data plan. Internet usage has nothing to do with text or minutes.

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ask o2. or dont, because facebook is Shit.

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Just because your phone has a shortcut for it doesn't mean you can use it. If you don't have data transfer as part of your plan, they will charge an arm and a leg for using it.