Hey guys im new on here but I've come here because you will be the only be people I can get the help I seek, because I've been reading and you all know what your talking about.Basically, Ive been messing around on my gibson for about 3 years now but havnt advanced dramatically. I can play simple stuff and my techniques are mediocre such as hammer ons, pull offs etc..

I basically just want to know what direction to go in so I know what to know and what learn. I really wanna focus and become good within the next few years but I just dont know what to learn. I struggle with solo's and fast riffs as you can imagine. I can read tab well enough but I never know where to place my fingers in order to play the riff the easiest, im pretty sure I should be using position playing most of the time right?

Can anybody give me some basic idea of what I should be learning. I'm into rock/metal/alternative stuff and wanna go into a band of this genre in the future.

Thanks a bunch people
sounds like you should probably invest in a guitar teacher. he/she would be able to help you dramatically. you could continue the way youre going, looking for lessons (plenty are available here as well as other places round the web) and practicing songs with the techniques you mentioned, but easiest would be to hire a teacher.
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