i play through a 6505 with 2 Basson 4x12's.
i have a BBE MaxCom Dual compressor. (sonic maximizer and a noise gate built in)

i am all about chasing after good tones so would a maxon OD808 add more punch to it? or am i perfectly fine with the maximizer?

would it be a good idea to only use the gate and use a OD808with the maximizer switched off?

also how much of a difference does a good equalizer make?

i play in drop B. i like it brutal.
I love my maxon od808. I use it as my main distortion tone and it adds sweet sustain/harmonics. i have the balance at 4 o clock and the drive at 9 o clock.

try it out its a sweet od pedal
The OD is a good idea, it'll most likely do well with your 6505.

Turn off the sonic maximizer though. The gate is fine, just no the maximizer.
WTLTL 2011
i've heard a BBE maximizer work great with a 6505, and I'd recommend it over the 808, especially if you're hanging out in drop B territory. in short, the maximizer will give you the punch you're after, but like xk said, the 808 will make your 6505 sound better for lead work (particularly so with the BBE off, but that might be tricky if it's in your loop where it should be). thus, both are useful, just not at the same time or for the same thing.

the maxcom is a maximizer and a gate? i thought it was a maximizer and comp/limiter?