Alright, me and some friends are planning on getting together next weekend and using up the rest of the fireworks by blowing stuff (example: watermelons) up. We've already got an idea, but I thought the Pit had most likely done this before and new what worked and was entertaining...

Any ideas?
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OMFG, an opinion.

Butterfly Effect anyone?

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Ideas to blow **** up???

Erm. Personally i'd like to kidna half dig a can of deodorant and use the flamethrower trick on it but don't let the flame go out? Then run like **** so it blows up underground...

That would look rather awesome. Or just get a **** off basket of fruit...
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Ive always wanted to blow up cans of soda with explsives. It seems like it could be entertaining. You might need quite a few though
Tape one of those flying rocket fire work things to a can of axe or something so when it blows up theres double the explosion!

And do it near a retirement home.
Stick the firework up your ass and blow yourself up
I kid, I kid
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Who's in a bunker?
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My grandad used to go into fields and stick rockets in cow crap. Could try that.

Lack of cows? Make your friends eat a lot and take laxatives.