So last night i watched waynes world 1 & 2 and wanted something to watch tonight in the same vein as waynes world. I've watched bil and ted quite abit but am thinking i may possibly watch spinal tap. Anyone got any suggestions for anything else?

Rock Star is always a good choice. Slightly less comedy, but with slightly more Zakk Wylde.
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Not many good movies in that vein. I'd just watch Bill and Ted's again.


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Pick of Destiny and School of Rock
They're pretty similar
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Requiem for a Dream.

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Watch Spinal Tap. Then watch Detroit Rock City.

EDIT: Then that ^^^^ and every other film Kevin Smith has made (clerk 1+2 especially)

You won't be dissapointed.

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spinal tap ftw.

the bit with the cucumber...


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thanks guys, im thinking i'll watch jay and silent bob

You made the right choice.
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I have to obviously reccomend THE TOXIC AVENGER. why? It actually has similar humor to Wayne's World. The director of Wayne's World, Penelope Spheeris, is a huge fan of Troma and The Toxic Avenger.

It's all great slapstick.

oh and any movie/TV show by Trey Parker
Go see District 9.... Duh.

Or if you want to see something funny, go rent the documentary, Rock School. It's about Paul Green's School of Rock Music, AKA what Jack Black ripped off School of Rock from. It's hilarious and a real insight to the giant dickhead that is Paul Green.
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