Selling a few pedals here.

Zvex Fuzz Factory:140$

Boss Super-Drive1: 40$

Digitech Metal Master:60$

Whizzer Mod'd Boss Metal Zone 2: 120$.
It's one of the early ones from about 2006. It's a great distortion pedal and is modified to sound like Diezel Amps. Great for Tool/Deftones.

Boss CE-5 Chorus Pedal:40$

MXR Phase 90:65$

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay:115$

Intellitouch Tuner: 30$

Sorry for the lack of quality in the photos, I only have a camera that is on my blackberry. All of these are practically new and basically haven't been played in almost a year. They all work perfectly, and if you have any questions or want some specific pictures, then let me know.

CASH Only, no Trades Please.
Carbon Copy is still for sale.

I need these pedals gone, so make me an offer!!
100$ shipped for the carbon copy?
i play noisy hardcore in the vein of coalesce interrupted by lots of isis-esque riffage and ambience, with a healthy dose of screamo dynamics ala funeral diner. it even sounds good sometimes!
Quote by jacobthesnakeob
100$ shipped for the carbon copy?

Just sold it to a member on here for that price. Sorry.