Ok, well I haven't played the guitar for a while, a long while really and my playing has gone completely out the window, its sloppy, unclean.. overall just bad, so I thought perhaps it was time for me to buckle down and actually start from scratch again and re learn everything I could if anyone could give me some ideas for exactly what I should focus on and possibly some exercises to help? It'd be much appreciated. Cheers
Start slow. People don't understand that playing fast is based on accuracy and muscle memory, not on trying really hard and being sloppy. When learning something, play it much slower to start with and work your way up with speed.
It's too broad a question to go into specific exercises and stuff, but the one thing I can say is to be patient. This is going to take a little while. Try not to place to many expectations on yourself about when you will be back to where you where, just enjoy playing each day and it will happen. Start with simple stuff that doesn't highlight your lack of recent practice too much. Right now, it's just reps to get the co-ordination and strength back.
you`ve identified your weak areas work on them, 1st off roll back the gain on your amp and learn to use the volume pot on your guitar to clean up the signal.