Greetings creatures of the guitar jungle!

I'm about to embark on the "Warmoth" ride but I'm having trouble deciding what bridge I should get. I'm thinking of just ordering the guitar and have a local guru just rout for me later.

On to the facts.

I play 80% metal, and 99% of that is rhythm, hence I want a fixed bridge. Most my guitars have tune-o-matics and stopbars and thus it's a "safe" option for me. I would like some opinions on other possibilities. I want something thats tighter and doesn't make the lower E go sharp when I play a little too hard...( like TOM/STP)

I've looked at the bridges they have to offer over at warmoth, but after reading some reviews on them I'm really not sure if that's what I want...
I suggest a string through T.O.M.......doesn't seem to have the low E problem that the stoptails do.
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