So my band got a check for playing a gig a couple days ago, but the people in charge of the event made the check out to our band instead of any particular member. Does anybody know how to go about cashing something like this, or if it's even possible?
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ask them politely to make out a check to an individual person they should obviosly if their decent ppl they should understand that the bank cant withdraw a check to a band
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But yeah, it's always worth a shot to take it to the bank and say hey, I'm in the band, can you do it? See if they do. I manage bands, and the one band that's made the most progress in their career so far has a bank account of their own. We have it set up as 'DBA' or 'Doing Business As' so any of the members can deposit or withdraw money DBA 'The Band.' It's really simple and something to look into if you're doing a lot of paying gigs.
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