I am considering buying a pod xt live so i can use it in my apartment for practice with headphones. I was wondering how i could get some external sound out of it if i ever got a chance to crank things a little when my roommate and neighbors are gone. Would I need a pair of powered speakers to run it through? I think it would sound terrible if i ran it through my computer speakers or my spider 3. I have a blackheart little giant that I'm going to get rid of because its too loud for me to use at home and is certainly too loud to use at my apartment. So, playing it through the little giant is out of the question. Got any suggestions or recommendations? How do you guys get sound out of your effects processors?

Plug it in your spider's effect return or line in or something.
Don't get rid of the blackheart until you try it with the POD. I run mine through a valve Jr and the POD controls the volume really well. it should do the same with your blackheart.
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I actually hook mine to a nice pair of Altec Lansing computer speakers. I even get Stereo effects.


I actually hook mine up to a set of AL speakers with a subwoofer so that I can get a nice fat tone.