hey guys i was wondering which of these two guitars would be a better deal at my local music store the jackson is marked down to 280 dollars and I was thinking of getting th RG off ebay because i can get it for 100 usd and its made in 1998. I mostly play metal, maiden, metallica, bodom, and stuff like that. My amp is a vypyr 75. This is only gonna be my second guitar and id like it to be more suited for metal better then my squier strat. Should i also look for higher end models on ebay at low prices. Cause my budget is like 300 usd. Thanks bros
Jackson, i have it and it's the best guitar i've had, the neck is thinner than any ibanez ever.
Do you want a FR?

If so, get the RG, because the JS30rr doesn't have one. (I'd say don't do this, and save up for a better one with an FR)

If not, get the JS30, as FRs are pointless uses of time if you aren't going to use it.

You probably won't find a great FR guitar in your price range, unless you can find something used, so I'd say look for a decent hardtail at your local shop, and try out all the ones you find until you find what works best for you.

You could also look on ebay for some old Kramers, I got one for 250 shipped and they have OFRs.
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Definitely scour eBay if you don't have a problem with used gear. $300 isn't much to play with when you're talking about the new market, but it's very workable on the used market. Also, your local craigslist might have some deals.
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Try finding a JS30RR FR (black with red bevels). I have one and it is sweet! Has the FR and lock-down tuners. However, Jackson has discontinued production so they may be harder to find which will hopefully improve their value. Ya, I know, it is made in India... but if you find a good one with a straight neck, level frets, and low action (like I did), they are great! Good luck.