so right now i dont have a job and im out of school, so i have pretty much all day free to do whatever i want to, figure i might as well use it to get better at guitar :p

i say i can put at least 4-6 hours a day into practice without getting tired of it, but what should i be practicing?

i mostly play the blues and classic rock, with some metal thrown in every now and then
well honestly it's not what should you be practicing but what shouldn't you be but without knowing your experience i guess i could only say theory and being able to read notes. and arpeggios
dont forget to warm up.
practise playing your favourite songs/whatever you feel like. its up to you.
Spend an hour on technique, an hour on improvising, and the last two hours jamming with other people. There's no more valuable a skill for a musician to have than knowing how to interact with other musicians.
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major and minor scales arpeggios and try the spider walk(execise) if u dont kno it
use alternate picking and go up and down with it. sounds lame but it helps with accuracy and speed.