How does this bass cab sound?

I need a better sound... Right now I'm playing a Schecter Stiletto Custom 5 through a Peavey TNT 115. I've tried EQ'n this thing every way I can. I Just don't like the sound... If anyone can give some ideas to EQ it, that could also help.

Another thing about that amp, is that it clips at such a low volume, I hope this is just something I'm doing and not the amp itself.

Also, I know next to nothing about cabs and heads, Should you try to buy a better head, and cheaper cab; or cheaper head and better cab?


My budget is around $500-$800. Play mainly just rock.

Oh, another thing about the TNT, is no matter how I EQ it, the only time the low end sounds good is with new strings, the second they start getting old, A low B just sounds like fuzz. Again, I hope this is just me being crappy at EQ, even though I've tried alot of different settings.
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How have you eq'd it?

Are you plugging it into the low gain input?

What are your settings on the bass?
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Also important. what kind of tone do you like?

I have a peavey amp next to me here. i have the lows at 4.5 the mid shift at 800 with the mids at 7 and the highs at seven. presence at +6. all setting are out of ten.

I know yours has a graphic eq but this can give you a small idea of settings i like. My settings are pretty close to that on my big gigging amp too. It all depends on your desired sound of course.
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